Misión San Ignacio Loyola

After our whale watching tour I practiced my photography at the Misión San Ignacio Loyola, which is in the sleepy little town of San Ignacio. Juan Bautista de Luyando founded the missionary in 1728 on the Cochimí oasis of Kadakaamán. It is truly a little oasis in the middle of Baja, sitting on one of only two rivers throughout the peninsula. In 1786, Juan Gómez, a Dominican missionary, built this beautiful little mission. This mission was very productive agriculturally due to its location on the river; producing date palms, and various citrus. The residents of San Ignacio continue to harvest fruit from the same orchards planted by the missionaries. I enjoyed some date empanadas sold out of one of the homes. The town of San Ignacio is quiet place with a population of about 2,000. After taking our photos, we hung out in the little town square and enjoyed the empanadas and planned our next route.

Front of Mission
Front of Mission
View of bell tower
View of bell tower


Bench in the Mission’s garden.


Staircase along side of Mission


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