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We enjoy going places and spending our time in motion. Usually Jhango and Nancythis means running and biking but also includes hiking, beach wandering, driving along the coast, and traveling. Living in the Bay Area is perfect for us. Within a few hours or minutes, we are either at the coast or in the mountains. And after growing up in Iowa (Nancy) and Pennsylvania (Darryl), the weather here makes it hard for us to stay indoors.

A few years ago we started a conversation about taking a very long and expansive trip around the world. I briefly looked into buying an “around-the-world” ticket but saw that it would be too constraining for what we would want to do. Plus, we are not planners and we don’t follow schedules very well. With around-the-world tickets, you have to keep moving (in one direction) and there are limits on the period for the trip. We would have to find a more flexible and less expensive travel option.

DarylDarryl came across this concept of “Overlanding” during his research. It didn’t take much convincing for me to agree that this was the perfect way for us to travel. Some of our best weekends were days when we woke up, ate breakfast and jumped into the car to see which direction it would take us. This would be the perfect solution! Now we just needed to decide the little things like what vehicle, where to go, for how long and when.

We decided to go the Overlanding travel route sometime around mid-2012. At this time, we were both working in Silicon Valley but considering some major lifestyle changes in our careers and where we would call home. We also decided to get married, on the 16th anniversary of our first date! Our first “official” date was at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival so we decided to return to Half Moon Bay for our wedding. This is our wedding photo taken by our officiant, Judith Malear.

We were married at Roosevelt Beach in Half Moon Bay.
We were married at Roosevelt Beach in Half Moon Bay.

Our wedding party consisted of just Darryl and I with Judith officiating. We arrived about 30 minutes late due to the Pumpkin Festival traffic. I was a little disappointed, but not surprised, that it was another cloudy and overcast day heading into Half Moon Bay. As we drove into town, the skies cleared and we had a perfectly beautiful day for our wedding. A rare treat in Half Moon Bay and a good omen for our future together.

Now we needed to figure out “when” we should start our very extended trip throughout the world. My thinking was stuck along the more traditional route of after we retire. My wonderfully supportive husband painted a lovely travelogue for me of this option. It included us sitting in a bus with a group of 20 other senior citizens. We would descend en masse to each tour site, escorted by a tour guide holding a placard aloft so we wouldn’t get lost among the hordes of other tourists, all of us following the same, prepackaged travel itinerary. He then pointed out to me that we are healthy now; we are in our best shape now and that these are both temporary states since we aren’t getting any younger so why wait? That settled it. We would take off as soon as we figured out the other details of what vehicle, where to go, and for how long.

After much debate, we finally settled on an XP Camper for our home on wheels but it won’t be ready for us until mid-August. Instead of waiting, we decided to begin the first leg of our adventure in our FJ Cruiser. Some of the route details are planned but it’s mostly a rough draft. The details will be filled in as we go by locals, fellow travelers or wherever our interests take us.

7 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi, do you have an email address as we want to send you a picture.
    This is Bill and Rosemary, we met you at a camp site in Springdale near Zion Nat Park. Hope all is well with your travels.


    1. Hi! We’re in Moab right now. The weather is beautiful and we’re managing to stay warm by detouring through Navajo country. It wasn’t on the original itinerary but we’ve really enjoyed the new route. You can email us at nancyboever@yahoo.com. I hope that you’re doing well and that Moby is keeping you safe and warm.


    2. Hello Bill & Rosemary! I thought I replied back to you earlier! My email is nancyboever@yahoo.com
      We just posted a photo of Moby on our “Bad A$$ Vehicles” page. We were just talking about you guys yesterday and your stories about Ab-Sara (sp?). You guys inspired me to take every opportunity that I can to get out on some horses during our trip. We hope you’re doing well!!
      Nancy & Darryl


  2. Nancy and Darryl, this is fabulous! You’re so smart to do it now. My husband and I took a similar approach … and we’ve never looked back. It just keeps getting better. I applaud your intrepid spirits and look forward to your adventures. All the best, Terri


    1. Thanks so much Terri! We are amazed at all of the places that you and James have visited! This is a wonderful lifestyle and we look forward to seeing where our journey will take us.


  3. Like Terri and James we applaud your choice to experience adventure now. We couldn’t agree more. One never knows what the future holds. Here’s to exploring every bit of this wonderful planet. 🙂


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